At Toilettage Tête à Queue, we offer premium grooming and pet care services for dogs and cats.

Bath : We only use premium shampoos. You will see and feel the difference in your pet's hair. They have a very light scent that will give your puppy a nice and fresh odor. Dogs have a nose many times more sensitive than ours and we must take it into account. No additional perfume is used.

Grooming : You guide us according to your taste, and we do it! In return, we will help you find a cut that will facilitate your pet's care according to your schedule and the type of hair. Here, your dog's well-being is the most important and it is essential to find a cut that will enthrall you both.

Claws : A regular cut is very important for some dogs, but it is also often their worse fear. We take the time to do it with patience and positive encouragements to transform it into a more pleasing experience. Scissors and/or sander are used.

Brushing : A dog with mats is an unhappy dog. If it is possible to untangle them without making your friend suffer, we will do it. Otherwise, we will find the suitable cut and give you tips and tricks to help you control their formation and to show your bundle of fur that brushing is a wonderful time for both of you.

Glands : We will check the glands of smaller breeds upon demand and express them if necessary.

Ears : Cleaning your dog's ears is very important. We remove excess hair and clean ears at every visit. If we spot any sign of infection, we will make sure to tell you so you can bring your dog to the vet.

Cats : For the lion cut, we will shave it a first time, followed by a waterless shampoo and finish off with another shave for a ''velour'' finish! If you prefer keeping a certain lenght or just a deep brushing, the choice is yours.