Products : You will find here premium quality products. Our goal if to offer the best product at the lowest possible price. There are often too many choices available, and not all of them work properly. We have therefore taken on a mission to do the research for you!

Eye Envy : After many trials, we have finally found this safe and efficient product. It is very simple to use and is used externally. The stains disappear quickly and once they are gone, a weekly use will suffice to keep them away.

Touch of Love : A canadian product line that includes vitamins, glucosamine and essential oil balms for your pet's paws.

The Poochs : Premium shampoos developped in France and used in our salon. You will see and feel the difference and will definitely be charmed.

Clothing : We have a seamstress who makes beautiful and unique coats that are easy to slip on. She appreciates your suggestions and can tailor them especialy for your dog.

Odds and ends : We also offer a wide range of leashes, collars, toys and bones to chew.